Accredited builders are required to comply with the Building Industry (Improving Productivity) (Accreditation Scheme) Rules 2019 (the Rules) to maintain accreditation. The FSC has the power to issue compliance measures against an accredited builder who fails to comply with these conditions.

In the exercise of this compliance power, the FSC has adopted a collaborative approach by adopting a two-tiered compliance system: actions and sanctions.

Tier one actions involve further conditions of accreditation under Regulation 15 and are designed to have cooperative, not punitive, effect.

Tier two sanctions are imposed under Regulation 17 and involve further conditions, suspension of accreditation status, or revocation of accreditation.

In most cases, a sliding scale approach will be used in determining the compliance measure that will be issued. This means that tier one actions are generally issued first before sanctions are imposed, and revocation would be a last resort and used only when other compliance measures have not been successful.

For more information, see the Compliance Policy Manual.