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The OFSC presents a series of short interviews with representatives from accredited companies, Australian Government agencies, funding recipients and Federal Safety Officers. New interviews will be posted regularly, so be sure to revisit the page frequently.

Latest Interviews

Jeff Lane

2 April 2015
FSC News LogoJeff Lane is National HSEQ Manager at Built, and Secretary of the NSW Construction Safety Education Forum.

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Danielle Parr

14 January 2015
FSC News LogoDanielle Parr is the Program Director for the Estates Development Division within the Infrastructure and Operations Group of La Trobe University.

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Tim Cotton

6 January 2014
FSC News LogoTim Cotton is Workplace Health Safety Environment & Quality Manager at McMahon Services, and winner of the Safework SA Award for best Individual Contribution to Workplace Health and Safety by an OHS Manager.

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Adam Taunton

1 October 2013
FSC News LogoAdam Taunton is a Federal Safety Officer (FSO), with many years of experience in the building and construction industry, including more than five as an FSO with the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner.

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John Jenkins

15 June 2012
FSC News LogoJohn Jenkins is Managing Director for Ri-con Contractors Pty Ltd, a remote area construction specialist with a focus and commitment to the Northern remote reaches of Australia with over 30 years of industry experience.

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