How to apply for Accreditation/Reaccreditation

The following steps will help guide you through the process of applying for accreditation or reaccreditation.

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Read ‘Information for Applicants’

Before starting your application, please read ‘Information for Applicants’. This document contains important information you need to know about the accreditation and reaccreditation process.

It is also strongly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the Audit Criteria Evidence Guide. This guide will provide useful information when completing the System Map (Section 6) of the online application form.

Step 2: Complete an online application

FSC Online should be used to apply for accreditation and reaccreditation. FSC Online is the OFSC's online system which contains comprehensive inbuilt help (click on the "learn more"s and question mark help icons throughout the system) to assist users in working through and submitting their application for accreditation or reaccreditation.

To begin your online application using FSC Online you must first register for an eCitizen account and follow the prompts. Your registration will be approved by a member of the OFSC and you will then receive an email and SMS message detailing how to activate your account. Please click on the link in the email, and then enter the security code from the SMS message. If you already have an eCitizen account because your company has been accredited previously, you can log on using this account and begin your accreditation application.

In submitting your application it is essential that you comprehensively reference your responses to the questions asked in the System Map (Section 6) component of the online application. Poor or incomplete referencing in this section may add significantly to the time taken by the OFSC to process your application.

Click here to access FSC Online and register for an eCitizen account:

Once you have logged into FSC Online you can add or manage eCitizen users from you company by selecting the Adminstration Menu item and selction Manage Users. For more information on the Manage User option available, click the question mark help icon or see the FAQs in the Help and Guidance menu item.

If you have any problems registering for FSC Online, or accessing your activated account, please call the OFSC Assistline on 1800 652 500, or email

Step 3: Review your application before lodgement

Please review your application before submitting it. You cannot submit your online application unless all mandatory fields have been completed. This ensures that your application is both complete and accurate so that it can be processed as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Is joint accreditation an option?

Under the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 (the Act) and the Building Industry (Improving Productivity) (Accreditation Scheme) Rules 2019 (the Rules)the Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC) has the capacity to jointly accredit companies. 

A request for a joint accreditation can be made at any time, including at application for accreditation and reaccreditation. In this instance, additional information is requested as part of the FSC Online application form. Where joint accreditation is requested outside the application process, companies will need to apply for joint accreditation in a letter to the Federal Safety Commissioner.  

The covering letter to the application for a joint accreditation must provide details on:

  • section 1 of the Application Form for the additional company has been completed
  • the nature of the work of the parent and subsidiary or related company (e.g. project management or building work)
  • written confirmation that a consistent, shared WHS management structure exists across each company applying
  • details of a single contact person who will be responsible for coordination of audits and reporting across all companies
  • a statement agreeing that corrective or compliance actions will apply to the jointly accredited companies as a whole and
  • performance history for each company for the previous 12 months.

The OFSC will consider requests for joint accreditation on the information provided and inform applicants of the outcome.

Step 5: Submit your application

You can submit your application through FSC Online. The Scheme is funded by the Australian Government and administered by the OFSC. There is no fee to lodge an application or costs payable to achieve accreditation.

Click here to access FSC Online:


Getting help

Should you need assistance with using FSC Online or completing any part of your application, please contact the FSC Assist Line on 1800 652 500 or email your query to

For companies with limited internet access, or if after contacting us for assistance you are still having difficulties accessing or using FSC Online, you may submit a hard copy application (provided below) to the following addresses:


By Mail:

Accreditation Operations Team
Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner
Location Code: C10MT2
GPO Box 9880

By Email: