OFSC notified of 1500th Scheme Project

A significant milestone was achieved for the Scheme with the notification of the 1,500th Scheme project.
It has been almost eleven years since the first Commonwealth funded project commenced in March 2006, with over $86 billion of building and construction projects throughout Australia since that time. Each of these projects has been managed by builders accredited under the Scheme ensuring that the highest safety standards for the industry have been in place on these work sites. Accredited companies have well documented systems, followed in practice, covering over 100 criteria that minimise the chance of a safety incident occurring.
Currently, 279 active Commonwealth funded projects worth $38 billion are under construction and under the control of Scheme accredited builders. In addition, there is also over $50 billion of upcoming projects at the concept or tender stage.
The Scheme covers building projects that are directly funded by the Australian Government with a value of $4 million or more, and projects indirectly funded by the Australian Government where:
           the value of the Australian Government contribution to the project is at least $6 million and represents at least 50 per cent of the total construction project value; or
           the Australian Government contribution to a project is $10 million or more, irrespective of the proportion of Australian Government funding; and
           the head contracts for building work are greater than $4 million (GST inclusive).
Of the 1,500 projects commenced under the Scheme, 689 were directly funded, and 798 were indirectly funded.
Builders accredited under the Scheme report projects to the OFSC through project contract declarations. These declarations can now be submitted through FSC Online.  Accredited companies can also use FSC Online to submit Incident Reports, Biannual Activity Reports, Scheme Project and End of Project Reports. In addition, accredited companies can view Scheme WHS performance metrics on FSC Online.  Companies that have not yet registered for FSC Online can register here.