2014 Biannual Data Analysis Reports Available

The 2014 OFSC Biannual Data Analysis Reports are now available online. The reports provide an overview and analysis of data collected from companies accredited under the Australian Government Building and Construction WHS Accreditation Scheme, for the periods January to June 2014 and July to December 2014. Two fatalities on non-Scheme projects were reported in 2014.
In response to industry feedback, the OFSC has included Total Recorded Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) calculations in these biannual data analysis reports. This rate will continue to be reported in future Biannual Data Analysis Reports so the mean for each construction type on Scheme and non Scheme projects can be used for comparison by both accredited and non accredited contractors.
Along with the report, the OFSC has also updated the Performance Comparison Tool with the July to December 2014 biannual data. The Tool enables users to compare their WHS performance with other accredited contractors during the period.