Accreditation Scheme Reaches 2000th Project

The Australian Government’s Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme reached a significant milestone on September 13, 2019 with the notification of the 2000th project covered by the Scheme.

The Port Wakefield Test Facility Works project is a civil construction project being undertaken by McMahon Services Australia. McMahon Services Australia have been accredited under the Scheme for more than ten years.

The WHS Accreditation Scheme is a key Australian Government initiative to improve safety in the building and construction industry. Companies need to be accredited with the Scheme in order to win contracts for Commonwealth-funded building and construction work above certain financial thresholds. The Scheme ensures that companies working on tax-payer funded projects adhere to the highest work health and safety standards in Australia. This includes having well documented safety systems that they are followed in practice across all aspects of the project. Meeting these criteria and implementing effective safety systems minimises the chance of a safety incident occurring.

The Scheme has worked to improve safety standards in the construction industry. Companies accredited under the Scheme have fewer working hours lost to injuries and experience fewer fatalities. Improvements in on-site safety provides a real commercial benefit to accredited companies in reduced workers’ compensation premiums of around 30 per cent across accredited companies. In addition, this leads to increased productivity, reduced project delays and lower projects costs.

The Scheme has been running since March 2006 and has applied to over $129 billion of building and construction projects throughout Australia since that time. There are currently more than 460 companies accredited with the Scheme, and 347 active awarded Scheme projects worth over $58 billion.

For information on applying for accreditation please see You can contact the FSC Assist line on 1800 652 500, or email us at