Changes to Accredited Contractor reporting requirements from 1 April 2019

Following feedback from Accredited Contractors, the reporting requirements for the WHS Accreditation Scheme have again been streamlined.
In an effort to make the reporting requirements more efficient, the Biannual Activity Report and the Scheme Project Report have been combined into one report that will be due for all Accredited Contractors by 28 February for the previous July to December period, and by 31 July for the previous January to June period each year. The new report will be called the Scheme Biannual Report.
Key Dates
  • Accredited Contractors are not required to submit Scheme Project Reports for the October 2018 to March 2019 reporting period. Scheme Project information, including End of Project information will be reported on the new Scheme Biannual Report from 1 July 2019.
  • The first Scheme Biannual Report, for the January to June 2019 reporting period, is due by 31 July 2019.
  • Ongoing Scheme Biannual Reports will be due for the July to December period by 28 February and for the January to June period by 31 July each year.
Previously, the due dates of the Biannual Activity Report and the Scheme Project Reports submitted by Accredited Contractors were offset by three months, making analysis of the data provided across the reports difficult and confusing. Streamlining the reports allows us to better use the information provided by Accredited Contractors and in turn provide more detailed and robust data on the performance of Accredited Contractors and the Scheme. Upgrading to the Scheme Biannual Report eases the reporting burden for Accredited Contractors, requiring them to report only twice a year (in addition to the continued reporting of all incidents that are reportable to the OFSC).
There is no additional information required in the Scheme Biannual Report that was not previously collected in the Biannual Activity Report or Scheme Project Report, with all data fields remaining the same. The April 2019 edition of the FSC Online WHS Report Guide provides guidance on the new Scheme Biannual Report.
Should you have any questions regarding these enhancements to the Scheme reporting requirements please email or call 1800 652 500 and select option one.