Changes to Application Form and Criteria

The FSC is pleased to announce a number of key improvements to the process of achieving accreditation under the Scheme.

Julie Rheese, as acting FSC, noted “the Scheme has been place for over six years now. During this time we have accredited over 300 companies and hosted a number of forums on issues varying from leadership to alcohol and other drugs in the building industry. We have produced guidance material to funding recipients on acting as model clients and managing safe design in the workplace”.

The coverage of the Scheme is impressive, with over 800 building and construction projects taking the Australian Government funded work of the commercial, civil and residential sectors to approximately $41.5 billion. But Julie noted, “even with these achievements and milestones in mind, we appreciate the need for continual improvement”.

As part of the improvement process, the OFSC has reviewed the current procedures with a view to reducing the workload of applicants, while maintaining the same high level of WHS associated with accredited companies. In summary we have:

  • simplified the application form
  • streamlined the desktop assessment process
  • refined the audit criteria to remove duplication

The new application form no longer requires the submission of documentary evidence.  A simple gap analysis table asks applicants to identify the relevant system process against scheme and OHSMS audit criteria. The new application form applies to first time accreditation applications and applications for reaccreditation.

Applicants will also be required to provide project details for active sites, which will, with the streamlined desktop process, significantly reduce the time between application and audit.

The changes will come into effect from 1 January 2013. Anyone submitting an application after this date should use the new application form.

For further information on these improvements and how they might impact on you, please contact us on the FSC Assist line 1800 652 500