Changes to Accredited Contractor Reporting Requirements

The Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC), Helen Marshall, recently announced changes to the reporting requirements of the Scheme. These changes will come into effect from 1 July 2010.

It is now four years since the Scheme was implemented and the changes are based on feedback received from companies as well as consultation with the Industry Reference Group (IRG).

These changes will allow the OFSC to collect more robust data that will enable additional relevant, timely and targeted analysis of OH&S information. The OFSC will publish this information on a regular basis so that all stakeholders can benefit.

The OFSC is conscious of the effort required by companies to meet the OFSC reporting requirements and the new reports focus on information that we believe will provide the best opportunities for analysis that will benefit all industry stakeholders. The OFSC also examined the overall reporting burden for companies and believes that, with the move to six monthly Scheme project reports and some fine tuning on incident report coverage in response to feedback from companies, this burden should be reduced for the majority of companies.

The changes to the existing reports are as follows:

  • enhancement of the Incident Report to collect more detailed information
  • minor changes to the Biannual Activity Report to provide breakdowns by construction type for incident rate analysis (please use the existing report for the January-June 2010 reporting period that is due by 15 July)
  • replacement of the Monthly Report for Scheme Projects (last one due 15 July 2010) and the End of Project Report with a six monthly Scheme Project Report.

These are important changes, as reporting is a key condition of accreditation under the Scheme.

The Reporting pack and reporting forms on the FSC website will be updated in early June to provide companies with assistance in completing the new incident report form. Updates to the reporting pack for the other forms will be made mid July 2010.

Samples of the new forms are provided below.

More detailed information on these changes can be requested from the OFSC via email at or you can call the assist line on 1800 652 500