FSC ends 2012 on a positive note

Following the recent release of Safe Work Australia’s Work-Related Traumatic Injury Fatalities Australia 2010–11 report in December, the FSC highlighted the performance of builders accredited under the Scheme.

Accredited builders experience a lower fatality rate[1], accounting for six of the 39 construction industry fatalities that occurred in during the 2010-11 financial year[2]. Today, acting FSC, Julie Rheese, noted ‘any incident or fatality has a devastating impact on everyone involved and our role within the building industry is by no means complete. However, I’m pleased to see that the WHS performance of accredited companies is better than the industry standard. This is reflected both through the lower fatality rate, and also the fact that 63% of companies accredited under our Scheme are paying workers compensation premium rates lower than the industry average’[3].

On this positive note, Julie would like to wish all accredited companies and stakeholders of the office a happy and safe holiday season.

[1] Based on overall hours worked. Source: ABS 6291.0.55.003 - Labour Force, Australia, Detailed, Quarterly, Aug 2012; E11 - Employed Persons by Hours Worked in Main Job, Sex, Industry, Capital City-Balance of State. Rate is calculated as number of fatalities divided by total hours worked, times 1,000,000. Industry fatality rate = 0.0193, Scheme fatality rate = 0.0170.
[2] Source: Safe Work Australia’s Work-Related Traumatic Injury Fatalities Australia 2010–11 report.
[3] Source: Safe Work Australia publication Comparison of Workers’ Compensation Arrangements in Australia and New Zealand April 2012, Table 7.6 Selected Industry Premium Rates as at 30 September 2011, page 213.