FSC Online Exclusive Reporting Submissions

Since the 2015 launch of FSC Online, the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) has progressively made all Scheme reporting requirements available to submit online. There has been a gradual transition, with the previous reporting forms being still being accepted in parallel to the new FSC Online WHS reports. We have received positive feedback from Accredited companies on the functionality and efficiency gained through the use of FSC Online..

As result, as of 1 October 2017, the OFSC will only be accept WHS reports completed through FSC Online. The OFSC will no longer accept emailed, faxed or posted WHS Scheme reports. This is timed with the Scheme Project Reports that are due by 15 October.

All FSC Online WHS reports include interactive data validations and have inbuilt help and guidance to assist users. Contract Declarations, Incident Reports, Biannual Activity Reports, Scheme Project Reports, and End of Project Reports are all available for submission online. Please note that none of the content of the WHS reports have changed. There is no additional data required from you.

To give effect to this reporting requirement, companies currently registered and reporting through FSC Online should continue with this approach. Companies that are not currently registered for FSC Online can do so by clicking on the FSC Online banner on www.fsc.gov.au. A detailed User Guide is available should users wish to familiarise themselves with the online reporting requirements outside of the system.

If you have any questions or are having problems registering for FSC Online please contact the OFSC immediately via email at fsconline@employment.gov.au or on the FSC Assist line 1800 652 500.