FSC Online Update: Incident Reports and Contract Declarations can be submitted online from 1 February 2016

From 1 February accredited companies will be able to submit incident reports and contract declarations through FSC Online. Each online form includes enhanced help and guidance to assist users. Access to all past submitted incidents and contract declarations will also be available. Companies currently registered with FSC Online will automatically have access to the new reporting options when the release occurs.
The incident report and the contract declaration were reviewed during the 2014 Scheme review. The minor modifications to the forms can be viewed below. The fields in the incident report and contract declaration in FSC Online will mirror these forms. Companies that choose to continue reporting using paper forms should use the new forms from 1 February 2016.
Further enhancements to FSC Online will occur in the second half of 2016, with an online biannual and scheme project reports currently in development. If you have any questions about these Scheme improvements, are having problems registering for FSC Online, or are no longer your company’s Scheme reporting contact, please contact us immediately via email at ofsc@employment.gov.au or on our FSC Assist line 1800 652 500.
If you have not yet registered with FSC Online, you can register by clicking on the FSC Online banner on www.fsc.gov.au.