FSC Reveals Top Ten Corrective Action Reports

In a new report published on fsc.gov.au today, the Federal Safety Commissioner has revealed the top three most commonly issued Corrective Action Reports (CARs) at first time accreditation audits to be

OH13.5 - There is a documented process to ensure competent persons have assessed the suitability, location and accessibility of emergency equipment.

OH12.4 - There is a documented process to ensure that Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC) is incorporated into procurement.

SC2.1/2.2 - Where the head contractor is involved in the design or has input into the design, a documented process exists for ensuring risk assessments are undertaken at the design stage to identify, assess and manage OHS buildability issues that may arise during construction.

Where the head contractor has no input into the design, a documented process exists for ensuring design-related buildability hazards are identified, assessed and managed pre-construction phase.


These findings headline the report, which outlines the ten most common CARs issued to companies at their first accreditation audits over the past 24 months. The report has been published with a view to raising awareness about potential areas for improvement in the Australian building and construction industry, and to assist applicants in recognising and eliminating common problems during the accreditation process.

Over 141 first accreditation audits have been conducted in the past 24 months, and CARs have been issued against criterion OH13.5 at 96 of those.

The full report is available on our Top Ten CARs page, and will be updated at the conclusion of each calendar year. Further information on audit criteria requirements is available on our auditing page.