July to December 2012 Biannual Report Available

The latest OFSC Biannual Data Analysis Report is now available online. The report provides an overview and analysis of data collected from companies accredited under the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme, for the period July to December 2012.

Notably, both Scheme and non-Scheme mean Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) are down from the corresponding period in 2011, while the mean Medically Treated Injury Frequency Rate (MTIFR) for Scheme projects also saw a decrease.

There were three fatalities on Scheme projects and three fatalities on non Scheme projects for the period. The fatality frequency rate for the period was down on the previous corresponding period (3.43 compared to 3.59).

The full report is available on our Biannual Data Analysis Report page.