New Audit Criteria Evidence Guide - June 2011

In response to feedback from industry and Federal Safety Officers, the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner has released advice for companies undertaking OFSC audits in the form of an Audit Criteria Evidence Guide. The Guide provides information which can be used by companies to assist in assessing whether their documentation addresses the OFSC Audit criteria.

This week the Federal Safety Commissioner, Jeff Willing noted “the Audit Criteria Evidence Guide is a significant step in assisting companies as they prepare for audits, either in the process of achieving accreditation or post accreditation as they seek to maintain the high standards achieved to secure accreditation. The Guide provides concrete examples to companies against each of the criterion that may be chosen for review at audit.  The information provided includes scope, examples of relevant documentation and identifies evidence to demonstrate implementation”.

The OFSC appreciates your feedback. If you would like to provide feedback on the Audit Criteria Evidence Guide or would like further assistance in preparing for audits, please email or phone the assist line on 1800 652 500.