From 1 July 2010 new Incident Report Forms

The Reporting changes announced by the Federal Safety Commissioner on 24 May take affect on 1 July 2010.

From this date, accredited contractors will be required to complete the new template Incident Report which is required after any of the following:

  • All fatalities irrespective of the project value (notify immediately to 1800 652 500 and provide the report within 48 hours)
  • Any incident resulting in a Lost Time Injury (LTI) and/or Alternate Work Injury (AWI) where the project value is $3 million or more (provide report within 48 hours if a Notifiable Incident, otherwise provide report within 3 weeks)
  • Any Medically Treated Injury (MTI) or dangerous occurrence on a Scheme project (provide report within 48 hours if a Notifiable Incident; otherwise provide report within 3 weeks).

Please note: Medically Treated Injuries need only be notified to the OFSC where they occur on a Scheme project. This requirement has changed since the announcement of the reporting changes.

In addition, the monthly reports for Scheme projects for June 2010, which are due by 15 July will be the final Monthly Reports required. After this date, accredited contractors will only be required to submit the new Scheme Project Report for each Scheme project on 15 October and 15 April each year. The template form for this, and the amended Biannual Activity Report due 15 February 2011, will be updated in the reporting pack on in the coming months. The January-June 2010 Biannual Activity report should be provided using the current template, which can be found below.

As a result of the changes to OFSC reporting, the FSC Online system is currently being upgraded to support the new incident report format. If these changes are not completed and released by 30 June then the usual arrangements of submitting incident reports via email to or faxed to 02 6121 9270 should be followed. Accredited contractors will be able to complete the final June monthly reports and the January to June 2010 Biannual Activity Report online until 31 July 2010, after which any overdue reports will need to be provided via email or fax. The FSC Online system will be updated in the coming months to accommodate all of the reporting changes.

Please see below for the new Incident Report form template, a detailed Guide to completing the Incident Report form and the updated OHS performance reporting pack. Further information on all of the OFSC data collection changes can be found in the news article - 24 May 2010.

Attached below are the forms and guides you should be using from 1 July 2010. Further updates will be provided at the end of July 2010.