Changes to OFSC reporting requirements from 1 June 2012

The OFSC continues to work with Accredited Contractors to create a safer Building and Construction Industry. In doing this, we welcome feedback on the Scheme and the functions of the Office, as well as the ways in which the Office works with Accredited Contractors. As a result of such feedback (and a review of data collected by the OFSC) some of the OFSC reporting requirements have changed from 1 June 2012. Please see the details below.


  1. The OFSC no longer requires Accredited Contractors to provide WHS Plans for Scheme Projects. Should a Federal Safety Officer be scheduled to audit a Scheme Project, they will conduct a desktop review of the WHS Plan document on site and provide this information to the OFSC.
  2. The OFSC no longer requires that all submitted reports be signed. A large majority of reports are sent via email from known Accredited Contractor email addresses with signature blocks in the email—this is sufficient as being proof of the origin of the report. We encourage Accredited Contractors to submit reports via email in word format.
  3. The incident investigation section at the end the OFSC Incident Report is now only compulsory where a fatality is being reported. The OFSC may from time to time request investigation reports relating to other incident types, however this will be on a case by case basis where the Federal Safety Commissioner requires more information relating to a particular incident.
  4. The Scheme Project Report will still be required for all Scheme projects on 15 April and 15 October each year and at the completion of a project, however this report no longer asks for the WHS strategies implemented at the Scheme Project level. Accredited Contractors are required to report on any WHS strategies implemented at a company level on the Biannual Activity report and the OFSC has found that identical WHS strategies were being duplicated on both reports. As such, the Scheme Project report has been simplified to exclude this section and reduce the OFSC reporting requirements of Accredited Contractors.


From 1 June 2012, Accredited Contractors should use the updated Template Reporting forms and Guides found via the Reporting for accredited builders page and discard any previous versions. The WHS Performance Reporting Pack has also been updated.

Should you have any questions about the changes or your reporting requirements, please contact the OFSC on 1800 652 500 or at