Safe Work Australia Week in the OFSC

On Wednesday, the 24th of October 2012 the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner celebrated the eighth annual national Safe Work Australia Week. The week advocates that safety begins with 'S' but starts with YOU; that everyone, regardless of duties or position, is responsible for health and safety in their workplace.

Julie Rheese, the acting Federal Safety Commissioner, said "it is important to take the opportunity to get together with colleagues to acknowledge the role of safety in our workplaces and what each of us as individuals can do for Australia’s WHS performance. As an office, we are committed to the improvement of WHS in the building and construction industry, and with this in mind, we are working towards the same goal as Safe Work Australia."

Julie added "I am really pleased to see so much support for this important initiative. To have nearly 700 Safety Ambassadors promoting WHS in their workplaces sends a clear message on the importance of safety. As someone who is directly involved with WHS on work-sites, I have witnessed firsthand the impact leaders can have in creating workplaces where people can confidently voice WHS concerns with the knowledge that they will be heard and the risks addressed”

National Safe Work Australia Week ends on Saturday 27 October 2012. More information can be found at

OFSC staff dressed in safety yellow celebrating Safe Work Australia Week 2012.

Safe Work Australia Week 2012.