Scheme achieves another milestone

The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner has announced the signing of the certificate for the 300th accreditation since the inception of the Scheme. The certificate was issued to a Victorian based company, Nelmac Pty Ltd.

“To have 300 companies achieve accreditation says to me that the Scheme has had a huge impact on OHS in this industry” said acting Federal Safety Commissioner Julie Rheese “Accredited companies maintain OHS management systems that are well structured and address the risks associated with building work. The systems must also be user-friendly to be effectively implemented by those onsite.”

It takes companies approximately six months to achieve accreditation and reaccreditation is required after three years. But there are no apologies for the thorough process. “We only want companies who take safety seriously operating under the Scheme. Those who are genuinely committed to the safety of their workers focus on the quality of their OHS management system and the safety culture in their company.”

While the acting FSC is pleased with the growth of the Scheme, she said she isn’t surprised to have reached this milestone. “In the last couple of years, I’ve had countless companies, sometimes really small builders, tell me that through improving their OHS to meet Scheme requirements, their operation costs have significantly reduced. Clearly this is another attractive aspect of accreditation.”

certificate of FSC accreditation