OFSC wins Secretary’s Achievement Award for collaboration throughout the Scheme Review

The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) has been recognised by the Department of Employment with a Secretary’s Achievement Award for outstanding collaboration throughout the review of the Australian Government Building and Construction WHS Accreditation Scheme, undertaken in 2014.
In facilitating the review the OFSC worked closely with stakeholders from industry, government and unions from the initial planning stages right through to the endorsement and announcement by the Australian Government of the 25 recommendations, all of which were unanimously supported by the stakeholder advisory panel.
Fittingly, Federal Safety Commissioner Alan Edwards was unable to attend the ceremony as he was in Sydney presenting at the MBA Safety Network breakfast briefing.
Commissioner Edwards thanked Department of Employment Secretary Renée Leon for this important recognition of the efforts by the whole OFSC team, and thanked industry and other stakeholders for their “vital contributions during the review, and continued commitment to improving safety in the building and construction industry. We still have a lot of work ahead of us in implementing the recommended improvements to the Scheme, and we look forward to continuing the spirit of collaboration established during the review.”
For more information on the outcomes of the review, please see a summary of the key improvements.
Photo of OFSC staff with Department of Employment Secretary Renee Leon
The OFSC Review Team with Department of Employment Secretary, Renee Leon (left to right): Cassie McCall, Julie Rheese, Catherine Box, Secretary Renee Leon, Damien Booth, Meredith Robson, Ken Bell.