SWMS Fact Sheet Launched

A Fact Sheet has been developed to provide information regarding the standards and expectations of the OFSC when reviewing Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) during an OFSC audit. This fact sheet has been developed in consultation with key stakeholders including Master Builders Australia and Federal Safety Officers.

The SWMS Fact Sheet explains in detail what the OFSC requires in relation to both the content of SWMS, and the process used to develop them. Importantly, the fact sheet also details what is not required by the OFSC in relation to SWMS content, dispelling a number of common misconceptions.

The Fact Sheet is the result of an extensive consultation process between the OFSC and our industry partners, including accredited and unaccredited companies attending our roadshows around the country, our Industry Reference Group, and regular discussions with Master Builders Australia and Australian Constructors Association. To provide feedback on the fact sheet or to offer suggestions for improvement, we encourage you to send us an email or phone our assist line on 1800 652 500.