Federal Safety Officer Code of Conduct

Federal Safety Officers (FSOs) are consultants engaged by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) to conduct audits under the Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme (the Scheme). FSOs are appointed under the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016.
The FSO Code of Conduct outlines the behaviours that the Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC) expects FSOs to uphold when conducting audits on behalf of the OFSC. FSOs are also required to adhere to the Australian Public Service Values. FSOs must carry an identification card for formal identification purposes.
The FSC expects the audit process to be conducted in a collaborative way. As such, FSOs are expected to be courteous, professional and helpful. The FSO conducting your audit should ensure you understand any issues that are detected and then explain what is required under OFSC accreditation.
The OFSC provides an audit feedback form to companies following all audits. This provides companies with an opportunity to comment on the audit process, including FSOs, so that the OFSC can continue to refine and improve its processes. The FSC strongly encourages companies to speak to OFSC staff if there are any concerns about the audit process, including issues with consistency or the conduct of FSOs. Feedback is treated in confidence and will not impact on a company’s audit results or accreditation status.
If you have any concerns about any aspect of your audit process, you can contact your OFSC audit contact officer or call the FSC Assist Line on 1800 652 500.
Code of Conduct
When conducting audits on behalf of the Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC), the Code of Conduct requires that a Federal Safety Officer (FSO) must:
·         Behave honestly and with integrity.
·         Act with care and diligence.
·         Treat everyone with respect and courtesy, and without harassment.
·         Comply with any lawful and reasonable direction given by someone in the OFSC who has authority to give the direction.
·         Maintain appropriate confidentiality about dealings that the FSO has with any Minister or Minister’s member of staff.
·         Disclose and take reasonable steps to avoid any conflict of interest (real or apparent) in connection with FSO engagement.
·         Use Commonwealth resources in a proper manner.
·         Not provide false or misleading information in respect to a request for information that is made for official purposes in connection with the FSO’s engagement.
·         Not make improper use of inside information or the FSO’s duties, status, power, or authority in order to gain, or seek to gain, a benefit or advantage for the FSO or for any other person.
At all times behave in a way that upholds the values, the integrity and good reputation of the Federal Safety Commissioner.
·         At all times behave in a way that upholds the good reputation of Australia.
·         Comply with any other conduct requirement prescribed by the regulations.
The Federal Safety Officer Code of Conduct is issued by the Federal Safety Commissioner, and was last updated on 1 January 2015.