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How will I know if a builder is accredited?

Builders who are accredited under the Scheme are added to the Accreditation Register. The builder will also hold a Certificate of Accreditation and this is acceptable proof of accreditation for Australian Government agencies or funding recipients.

You should ensure that the name and Australian Company Number (ACN) of the company contracting for building and construction work is the same entity listed on the Accreditation Register and the Certificate of Accreditation. You should also check the expiry date of accreditation.

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What if a builder is not listed on the Accreditation Register?

Builders are only added to the Accreditation Register when they have successfully achieved accreditation.

If a builder has indicated that they have applied for accreditation you should contact us to seek advice on the builder’s accreditation status. The OFSC can provide information and verification of the accreditation status of a builder for the purposes of determining the suitability of that builder for a Scheme building and construction project, subject to disclosure provisions.

It is also appropriate for Australian Government agencies, or funding recipients, to approach the builder and request from them:

  • the acknowledgement letter that is sent to all builders when their application is received. This letter indicates the date which their application was received by the OFSC; and/or
  • advice from the builder as to whether they have received any notification from the OFSC requesting details of suitable sites for auditing. This verification would indicate that the applicant has been successful at the desktop assessment and are now at the audit phase of their assessment.

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Who needs to be accredited in a consortium or joint venture?

If the consortium is not undertaking any building work under the project, the consortium does not need to be accredited provided that they engage an accredited builder(s) to carry out the building work.

However, if the consortium, or one of the companies that form the consortium, will actually carry out the building work on the project, then all the companies that will be carrying out the building work will need to be accredited. If you are unable to determine who needs to be accredited you should Contact Us.

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What happens if a builder does not maintain their accreditation while completing a project?

The Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 not only requires that Australian Government agencies ensure that builders are accredited at the time of entering into a head contract for building work covered by the Scheme, it also requires agencies to take appropriate steps to ensure builders maintain their accreditation while carrying out the building work.

Australian Government agencies should impose a similar requirement on funding recipients through the funding agreement or grant documentation.

The Model Clauses provide clients and funding recipients with a mechanism for specifying this requirement.

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A non-accredited builder has tendered for a Scheme project? What should I do?

You should contact the OFSC immediately. A non-accredited builder is still able to tender for a project, but a contract cannot be signed with that builder until they are accredited.

Wherever practical, the OFSC will work with agencies, funding recipients and builders to prioritise the builder’s application for accreditation. However, the OFSC cannot guarantee that an applicant will achieve accreditation. Priority applications are still subject to the same standards as all other applicants, and there is no guarantee that a prioritised application will satisfy the requirements of accreditation within the necessary time frame.

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