To support the Australian Government’s commitment to urgently build more social and affordable dwellings, the OFSC will prioritise applications for accreditation from head contractor builders that have tendered for Housing Australia funding.

How to Apply

Applications for Scheme accreditation are started, entered and submitted through FSC Online. You can register for FSC Online to commence an application by clicking on the FSC Online button (indicated by the green arrow) at

Screen shot of how to log into FSC Online

Click on the register for eCitizen link (outlined in green below) and follow the prompts.

Once your registration has been approved by the OFSC you will receive a text message and email with instructions to activate your account.

FSC Online Screenshot with Login in and eCitizen registration highlighted



Screenshot of FSC Online menu

The FSC Online Application Form is displayed in sections, with each section containing fields that must be completed. All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

The question mark help icon can be clicked on to provide more information on the section currently being completed.

Some application form fields have a Learn More link that will provide additional clarification or further information on what is required to complete that field. Click on this to see the additional help and guidance for that specific field. Clicking the link again will hide the Learn More information.

Additional information, frequently asked questions, definitions of terms, and links to helpful Accreditation Scheme information can be found by clicking on the Help and Guidance section in FSC Online.


What Happens After Submitting the Application

Applicants for accreditation that have tendered for Housing Australia funding will be allocated a dedicated Federal Safety Officer for the application process. The Federal Safety Officer will undertake all required audits of the applicant’s WHS management systems and onsite safety practices as well as being on-hand to provide reassessments and closure of non-conformances with the Federal Safety Commissioner’s Audit Criteria. In particular, Federal Safety Officers can support applicants through:

  •  in-person/virtual debriefing following audits to ensure clarity on the nature of any identified gaps between an applicant’s WHS management system and the Federal Safety Commissioner’s Audit Criteria.
  • providing general examples on what steps other (unnamed) accredited builders have put in place to meet FSC Audit Criteria requirements.
  • directing applicants to relevant available resources (e.g. regulatory publications such as  
    Codes of Practice, relevant Australian Standards or other industry guidance and tools etc),
  • reviewing updates made to WHS management systems and processes and confirming if the updates now meet the Federal Safety Commissioner’s Audit Criteria,
  • directing applicants to the OFSC for further assistance and information on accreditation.

Federal Safety Officers can provide up to 40 hours of support to applicants as outlined above. The 40 hours is the time spent by the Federal Safety Officer to prepare, support the applicant and undertake follow-up administration. It does not include time spent at audits. This support is not a consulting service and Federal Safety Officers are unable to advise on, or draft, WHS management system revisions. An overview of the process for gaining accreditation under the Scheme is provided under What is the accreditation process.

Resources and Additional Reading

The following fact sheets provide additional details and further information on how to apply for and maintain accreditation, how the audit process works and helpful information on Safe Work Method Statements:

Further Assistance

To speak to an OFSC representative please call the OFSC Assist Line 1800 652 500, or email

For information and assistance on the HAFFF and NHAF, please contact Housing Australia.