How do I know if I need to use an accredited builder?

Does accreditation affect or apply to me?

Benefits of using an accredited builder

Reporting for funders

Funding Scheme work

It is important to note a builder can tender for an Australian Government funded project without being accredited, however they must be accredited before entering into the contract. Accreditation cannot be obtained once the contract has been awarded to a builder. Likewise, a government agency cannot award a building contract to an unaccredited builder.

In the event of a joint-venture (whereby an accredited company and an un-accredited company establish an unincorporated entity to apply for a government tender), all members of the joint venture are required to submit signed documentation to the OFSC before contracts can be entered into with the joint-venture.

The OFSC has developed Model Clauses to assist Commonwealth Agencies and Corporate Commonwealth Entities to meet their obligations under the legislation. The model clauses are suitable for inclusion in funding agreements, tender documentation, contracts or similar documents.

Model Client Framework

The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner has developed The Model Client: Promoting Safe Construction, a framework for clients to integrate safety initiatives into the management of construction projects.

The framework adopts a project lifecycle approach and establishes a series of key management actions for the client to implement throughout the construction project.

The resource consists of 5 booklets representing each stage:

  1. The Model Client Framework
  2. The planning stage
  3. The design and procurement stage
  4. The construction stage
  5. The completion stage

The introductory booklet describes the key elements of the WHS processes and an implementation approach. Subsequent booklets contain activities for the various stages of the project supported by a range of resource materials including checklists, templates and tools.

The Model Client Framework booklets can be found on the Useful Documents and Downloads page.