Achieving accreditation is a two-stage process comprising an initial application and on-site audit.

Stage 1: Complete application

The first step is to register for an FSC Online account. Applications must be submitted online through FSC Online. You will need to provide details about:

  • your company's previous WHS performance,
  • a gap analysis of your current Safety Management System,
  • information about your company's operations, and
  • any current projects you are working on as the head contractor where audits may be undertaken.
Stage 2: On-site audit

Once your application has been assessed, we will contact you to arrange an on-site site audit to verify the implementation of your Safety Management System and safe work practices. The audit will be conducted by a Federal Safety Officer (FSO). FSOs are independent, external WHS experts contracted by the OFSC.

At the on-site audit the FSO will request documentary evidence in accordance with the criteria to verify the implementation of WHS procedures and practices on-site.

Further guidance on what constitutes documentary evidence is available in our Audit Criteria Guidelines and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) Fact Sheet.

Following the on-site audit, you will be provided with a detailed report describing where the criteria has been met and detailing any non-conformances. The report is usually provided around  10 business days after the audit.

The Federal Safety Commissioner makes the final decision on whether to grant accreditation, taking into account the findings of the on-site audit.

A note on timing

The Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme (the Scheme) sets a high benchmark and many applicants need several audits to reach the WHS standards required for accreditation.

Timeframes for the accreditation process vary from company to company but is usually around three to six months. This varies depending on  the company’s readiness for the on-site audit process, its ability to provide an active project for audit, and its commitment to rectifying any non-conformances identified at audit.

Companies gaining accreditation for the first time will be granted an initial accreditation period of three years. Companies seeking reaccreditation may be granted an accreditation period of up to six years.