Section 15 of the Rules details the conditions that apply to all accredited companies. These can be summarised as accredited companies must: maintain safe work practices, policies and procedures at all times; comply with the performance requirements of the National Construction Code that relate to building materials; undergo post-accreditation audits; and, comply with the Scheme's reporting requirements. Further information on the conditions of accreditation is detailed below.

The FSC has the power to issue compliance measures against an accredited builder that fails to comply with these conditions. In such an event,  the OFSC works with accredited companies to help them address any conditions imposed. Compliance conditions imposed under Section 16 of the Rules are designed to have cooperative, not punitive, effect.

However, should these further conditions not be met, the Rules provide for the FSC to impose additional conditions under Section 18, which can include suspension or revocation of accreditation.

In all cases, a comprehensive assessment of all relevant factors is undertaken prior to determining whether a compliance measure will be issued. This means that conditions imposed under Section 16 are generally issued first before sanctions are imposed. Revocation of accreditation is a last resort and used only when other compliance measures have not been successful.

The OFSC Company Compliance Policy outlines the framework the OFSC applies to ensure accredited companies comply with the conditions of accreditation. It also outlines the steps the OFSC may take where an accredited company is suspected to have failed to comply with the conditions of accreditation