If you are not an accredited company but wish to be invited to the next webinar, please send an email to fscreporting@dewr.gov.au. These webinars are not an endorsement of companies, products or methods, but provide an opportunity to share the experiences of industry in dealing with WHS challenges.

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Truck and Trailer Safety, Presentation and Q&A Session

This webinar focused on truck and trailer safety, specifically regarding risk management in relation to tipper trucks. The webinar featured a comprehensive presentation from Scheme accredited builder Acciona Australia on the company’s current safety management process for Truck and Trailer Safety. The session closed with a Q&A session.

Mobile Plant Safety, Innovation and Technology

This webinar focused on mobile plant safety innovation technology. The webinar featured a comprehensive presentation from Scheme accredited builder Bouygues Construction Australia on the company’s mobile plant risk management innovation and technology, and also covered the requirements of meeting WHS Accreditation Scheme audit criteria in relation to mobile plant

Electrical Risk Management

This webinar focused on electrical risk management. The webinar covered WHS Accreditation Scheme audit criteria in relation to managing electrical hazards and risks, relevant examples of managing electrical hazards from Scheme accredited builder SHAPE Australia, and a Q&A session with industry experts to close the session.

Excavation Risk Management

The Federal Safety Commissioner’s November WHS webinar focused on excavation risk management. The webinar covered WHS Accreditation Scheme audit criteria in relation to managing excavations, relevant examples of managing complicated excavations in a current project from Scheme accredited builder Hindmarsh Constructions, and a Q&A session with industry experts to close the session.

Mental Health in the Building and Construction Industry

This webinar features presentations by RMIT Distinguished Professor Helen Lingard, Heather Conn from Safe Work Australia and Lisa McKeown, HSE Leader at Laing O’Rourke. The presentations aim to expand understanding of what can cause mental health hazards in the building industry, the relevant regulations and codes of practice, and examples of practical mental health risk management.

Mobile Cranes

Lift Planning for Crane Risk Management

This webinar was hosted by FSO Ralph Willson, with presentations by Brandon Hitch the CEO of the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA), and Stuart Edwards, Director at Edwards Heavy Lift and member of the CICA Technical Committee. It features an overview of lift plan definitions and terminology, advice on suitable levels of lift planning and discussion on the relevant checklists, templates, registers, plans that can be employed in each instance.

Articulated Cranes

Rory Bracken and Tom Clarke from Fulton Hogan and Brandon Hitch from CICA presented on articulated mobile cranes, with particular emphasis on how head contractors can work safely with crews onsite. FSO Julian Bedford discussed mobile crane risk management in relation to the Scheme.

Ground Conditions for Crane Risk Management

Alice Edwards from CICA and Nick Morris from Boom Logistics presented on ground bearing capacity for crane stability. FSO Craig Hutton presented on managing and evaluating ground conditions for crane work in relation to the Scheme audit criteria.


Scaffolding Risk Management

This webinar was hosted by FSC David Denney who presented the preliminary results on scaffolding from the Hazard 2020 campaign. Speakers included FSO Julian Bedford, HSEQ Manager Daniel Dunne from Scheme accredited Paynters, and National HSEQ Manager Jordy Adshead from Scheme accredited BASE Industries.

Scaffolding Tampering and Managing Principles

Josephine Taylor from Probuild and Luke Andonopoulus from Scaffshield presented on scaffolding risk management including protection against scaffold tampering. FSO Ralph Wilson discussed Scheme requirements pertaining to scaffolding and scaffolding management principles.

Traffic Management

This webinar is focused on temporary traffic management and aims to increase education and awareness around the current requirements for temporary traffic management, both under the Scheme and in state and territory jurisdictions. Hosted by FSC David Denney, the presenters are FSO Sean Welsh, Andrew White and Anthony Simmons from the Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA), and Adam Brighouse from Scheme accredited Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC).

Secondary Safety Systems for Elevated Work Platforms

The first Hazard 2020 Campaign webinar focussed on secondary safety systems for Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs). With feature presentations by Graeme Silvester and Nathan Kiepe of CPB Contractors, Andrew Delahunt of the EWPA and FSO Brett Jones.