OFSC WHS Webinar – Mental health in the building and construction industry – Presentations and Q&A Session

The Federal Safety Commissioner’s August webinar aimed to expand understanding of what can cause mental health hazards in the building industry, the relevant regulations and codes of practice, and examples of practical mental health risk management. OFSC Director Chris Marlton hosted the webinar, with approximately 400 attendees from companies, regulators, and industry associations.

Mental health and working in construction: research and studies (12 mins)

RMIT Distinguished Professor at the School of Property, Construction and Project Management, Helen Lingard, opened the webinar with a presentation on the latest research and studies on mental health in construction. This presentation noted specifically the link between working excessive hours and the effects this can have on mental health.

Psychosocial hazards: new model WHS Regulations and Code of Practice (10 mins)

The second presentation was by Heather Conn, Assistant Director of Psychosocial and Consultation Policy at Safe Work Australia. This presentation provided an overview of current laws and requirements and what is new in the new regulations.

Doing Mental Health Differently with Laing O’Rourke (9 mins)

Lisa McKeown, HSE Leader at Scheme accredited builder Laing O’Rourke, presented on practical innovative options that can be proactively implemented by companies in the building and construction industry.

Q&A Session (14 mins)

Following the three presentations, OFSC Director Chris Marlton moderated a Q&A session addressing some of the key questions. Topics include excessive working hours, respectful workplaces, integrating mental health risk management with financial factors, and the new code of practice in relation to State and Territory requirements.

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