These audits aim to verify that companies are implementing WHS systems and practices in line with their documented systems and processes, and that these continue to meet the requirements of the Scheme.

On-site audits are conducted against the WHS Accreditation Scheme Audit Criteria, which cover three key areas:

  1. WHS management systems criteria
  2. Focus point criteria
  3. Hazard criteria

If one or more non-conformances are raised at an audit the company may be required to undergo a follow up audit to verify that any corrective actions made to their system to address the non-conformance(s) have been implemented on site.

Once accredited, builders are subject to ongoing audits to assess compliance against the Scheme criteria.

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How long does the audit go for?

The length of an audit is dependent on the number of criteria to be assessed, and audits usually take one to two days. Audits for companies applying for accreditation or reaccreditation and being assessed against all criteria can take up to two days. All other audits are generally one day audits.

Who does the audit?

Audits are conducted by Federal Safety Officers (FSOs). FSOs are qualified WHS auditors with experience in the building and construction industry and operate throughout Australia. We will liaise with the company and the FSO to set an agreed audit date and site in order to give the company the best opportunity to demonstrate their WHS Management System in place and achieve the best audit outcome possible.

FSO's are appointed under the Federal Safety Commissioner Act 2022 and are required to behave in line with the Federal Safety Officer Code of Conduct when conducting audits for us.

Audit results

Following the completion of an audit, companies will be provided with a detailed and comprehensive audit reporting outlining the FSO's findings. The report will provide you with all the detail of any non-conformances raised at the audit. The FSO will prepare a commentary on these findings. The audit report is generally provided to the company within 10 business days after the audit has occurred. Following the provision of the audit report, companies are asked to provide us with an action plan that outlines the steps they will take to address the non-conformances identified.