There are currently over 500 accredited companies in Australia. These companies perform commercial, residential and civil building and construction projects across the country. Not only are they eligible to be contracted for projects funded by the Australian Government but they are reaping the benefits of improved WHS performance. Improvements in safety lead to increased productivity, reduced absences, reduced insurance and workers’ compensation costs, improved retention and greater innovation.

Another benefit of accreditation is automatic recognition of meeting the work health and safety elements of the pre-qualification schemes for building and construction work in all states and territories (except Tasmania).

All applications for accreditation must be lodged online using FSC Online. Once they’ve been processed, one or more on-site audits will take place to thoroughly assess workplace health and safety systems and practices. 

There are no fees charged to lodge an application or undergo the accreditation audit process, and there are no ongoing fees once a company is accredited.