Online WHS Webinar – Scaffolding Risk Management – Presentations and Q&A Session

The Federal Safety Commissioner’s most recent WHS webinar focused on scaffolding risk management. The webinar was part of the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner’s (OFSC) response to its 2020-2021 safety campaign which identified low levels of compliance with scaffolding safety requirements. The webinar aimed to raise awareness of the safety essentials around scaffolding to drive a better safety culture for those working on and around scaffold.

Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney hosted the webinar, with approximately 600 attendees from companies, regulators, and industry associations.

Introduction and Scaffolding in relation to the Scheme audit criteria (12 mins)

Commissioner Denney opened the webinar by highlighting preliminary results from the OFSC’s Hazard 2020 safety campaign which focused on scaffolding. As shown by those campaign results, there is a need for greater safety awareness about scaffolding. Following this, he handed over to Federal Safety Officer Julian Bedford, who spoke about the WHS Accreditation Scheme audit criteria that applies to scaffolding, discussing where issues commonly arose, and how builders can meet requirements.

Scaffolding risk management with Paynters (9 mins)

Paynters have been Scheme accredited for fifteen years. Paynters HSEQ manager Daniel Dunne presents the journey Paynters have been on in the implementation of robust scaffolding risk management. This presentation covers common issues, training, plans, design, scaffolding components and inspection criteria.

Basics of scaffold compliance with BASE Industries (9 mins)

BASE Industries are a scaffold compliance company that provides and facilitates scaffold training with builders and regulators. National HSEQ Manager for BASE, Jordy Adshead presents the basics of scaffold compliance. The presentation includes scope and design, planning and installation, handover process, inspections, non-compliance issues dismantling the scaffold.

Q&A Session (17 mins)

Following the three presentations, Commissioner Denney moderated a Q&A session addressing some of the key questions. Topics include requirements for a scaffold designer, when to use a scaffold plan, reviewing handover certificates, and identifying and managing scaffold tampering.

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