OFSC WHS Webinar – Excavation Risk Management – Presentations and Q&A Session

The Federal Safety Commissioner’s November WHS webinar focused on excavation risk management. The webinar covered WHS Accreditation Scheme audit criteria in relation to managing excavations, relevant examples of managing complicated excavations in a current project from Scheme accredited builder Hindmarsh Constructions, and a Q&A session with industry experts to close the session.

Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney hosted the webinar, with approximately 350 attendees from companies, regulators, and industry associations.

Introduction and Scheme audit criteria for Excavation (14 mins)

Commissioner Denney opened the webinar with data on the outcomes of OFSC audits on excavation risk management. Following this, he handed over to Federal Safety Officer Ralph Willson, who spoke about the WHS Accreditation Scheme audit criteria that applies to excavation, discussing in detail the requirements of each criteria, and where companies can look to find appropriate guidance.

Hindmarsh Construction’s Journey to Safety in Design for Excavation (21 mins)

Hindmarsh Construction Australia have been accredited with the WHS Accreditation Scheme for over 15 years. Dane Brown (National SQE Manager), Glenn Hobbs (ACT SQE Manager) and Andrew Connelly (Services Manager) gave a detailed presentation on the journey Hindmarsh has taken from a corrective action being issued in relation to excavation that led to a comprehensive risk management approach to excavation risk management, highlighting how safety in design can shape project outcomes and increase worker safety.

Q&A Session (10 mins)

Following the presentations, Commissioner Denney moderated a Q&A with all the presenters, addressing questions that were asked by attendees throughout the session. Topics include the definitions of an excavation, excavation competency arrangements and how to run an excavation risk management workshop.

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