OFSC WHS Webinar – Electrical Risk Management – Presentations and Q&A Session

The Federal Safety Commissioner’s April WHS webinar focused on electrical risk management. The webinar covered WHS Accreditation Scheme audit criteria in relation to managing electrical hazards and risks, relevant examples of managing electrical hazards from Scheme accredited builder SHAPE Australia, and a Q&A session with industry experts to close the session. The live session had approximately 400 attendees from companies, regulators, and industry associations.

Scheme audit criteria for Electrical Hazards (25 mins)

Federal Safety Officer Adam Taunton spoke about the WHS Accreditation Scheme audit criteria that applies to electrical hazards, discussing in detail the requirements of each criteria, and where companies can look to find appropriate guidance.

SHAPE Australia - Principal Contractor Electrical Hazard Management (20 mins)

SHAPE Australia have been accredited with the WHS Accreditation Scheme since 2007. Phillip Smith (Group Executive EHSQ) and Stephen Meehan (EHS Manager Training & Risk) presented a detailed overview of the SHAPE Australia electrical hazard risk management procedures, including the approach to training, risk assessments and the ongoing testing and approval procedures required to keep workers safe when working on and around electrical hazards.

Q&A Session (11 mins)

Following the presentations a Q&A with all the presenters addressed questions that were asked by attendees throughout the session. Topics include the requirements for testing and tagging of RCDs and low voltage (LV) requirements in SWMS.

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The next webinar will be held early in May 2023. If you are not an accredited company but wish to be invited to the next webinar, please send an email to fscreporting@dewr.gov.au.