COVID-19 Update – OFSC Resuming Victorian Audits

The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, has announced an easing of restrictions across Victoria, with the latest of those due to commence from 8 November 2020. From this time, Victorians are able to undertake intrastate travel, with no restriction on the number of workers on building sites, the number of sites attended, or any requirement for a permit to travel for work.

Consistent with this easing of restrictions, and to ensure the continued health and safety of workers on Victorian building and construction sites, the OFSC will be resuming WHS Accreditation Scheme audits in Victoria.

Acting Federal Safety Commissioner, Cassie Woods, said, “it is pleasing to see circumstances improving in Victoria, and as the state is taking steps to return to normal, we too are taking steps to ensure Scheme audits return to regular programing. Keeping building and construction workers safe is my top priority.”

The OFSC will utilise local Federal Safety Officers to conduct Victorian audits, and will closely monitor any developments in the region.