Federal Safety Commissioner’s WHS Accreditation Scheme Milestone – 500 Accredited Companies

Over the past fifteen years the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner has been committed to ensuring industry best practice safety is implemented by companies accredited under Australian Government building and construction Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme (the Scheme). Each year the number of Australian construction companies committing themselves to the safety of their workers through gaining accreditation has grown, furthering the influence of the Scheme and evolving the culture of the industry. In June 2020 the number of currently accredited companies surpassed 500 for the first time, a significant milestone for both the Scheme and industry.

Companies must gain Scheme accreditation to carry out building work funded by the Commonwealth. Over the 15 years the Scheme has been established, the total value of construction projects covered by the Scheme is more than $137 billion. Scheme accredited companies have lower lost time injury frequency rates and pay lower workers’ compensation premium rates than the industry averages.

“As the Australian construction industry continues to grow, it’s important that the Scheme grows with it. The Scheme is viewed as the highest standard of safety; a benchmark that my office has reached in collaboration with companies willing to take on the responsibility of making safety a priority,” said Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney.

Scheme accredited companies account for approximately 30 - 40% of annual turnover in the building and construction industry.

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