FSC Accreditation Scheme Snapshot - 30 September 2020

The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) is increasing industry awareness of the Australian Government WHS Accreditation Scheme with the release of enhanced data analysis and Scheme performance publications. The FSC Accreditation Scheme Snapshot is a new, informative summary of key metrics the OFSC captures from over 500 accredited companies on an ongoing basis.

Acting Federal Safety Commissioner Cassie Woods believes that a data-driven response to safety issues will help ensure more Australian workers go home safely each year. Ms Woods has said:

“The intelligent analysis and use of data reported by Scheme accredited companies enables us to best target the efforts of the OFSC to improve health and safety outcomes in the building and construction industry. We are committed to growing industry awareness of the value of Scheme accreditation, and this snapshot highlights the health and safety, and dollar benefits companies are deriving from meeting the high benchmark set by the Scheme.”

The FSC Accreditation Scheme Snapshot will be published quarterly, providing fast access to Accreditation Scheme coverage and performance information.