FSC Hazard 2020 Campaign Launch

As part of National Safe Work Month, the Office Federal Safety Commissioner today launched its Hazard 2020 campaign. Hazard 2020 is the first data-driven campaign run by the OFSC and will focus on the two high risk hazards that have accounted for the most safety incidents reported by accredited companies over the last 5 years – Mobile Plant and Scaffolding.  The campaign will run for twelve months and focus on:

  • Expanding the range of educational material and information associated with managing these risks onsite.
  • Selecting mobile plant and scaffolding to be part of all onsite audits where those risks are present
  • More closely tracking incidents reports and corrective action reports involving mobile plant and scaffolding to better understand the root causes of these safety issues to inform our education and audit approaches.

The Federal Safety Commissioner, David Denney, has said: ‘I am pleased to be announcing this campaign, which is an opportunity for me to work collaboratively with accredited companies to look beyond compliance and identify better ways in which these two high risk hazards can be managed onsite. By the end of the campaign, I hope to report a reduction in the number of incidents involving Mobile Plant and Scaffolding reported to my office, as well as Corrective Action Reports involving these hazards identified at our audits, which will ultimately mean that more workers are going home safely at the end of the day.’

A launch video and information on Hazard 2020 is available at the OFSC’s dedicated Hazard 2020 webpage.