Hazard 2020 – Significant Improvements in Mobile Plant Audit Results

The end of March 2021 saw the 12-month Hazard 2020 campaign pass its half-way point. Over 200 total audits have now been scheduled or undertaken, roughly half of which have had final audit reports completed and issued to companies.

The campaign is seeing improvements in the way accredited companies manage mobile plant. Against all mobile plant related WHS Accreditation Scheme audit criteria, the rate of non-compliance is down by almost 5% in comparison to the 2017-2019 trend.

The Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney said he was pleased to note significant improvements in companies establishing safe systems of work for the operation of mobile plant (more than 6% on trend) and systems to ensure the regular inspection of mobile plant (more than 11% on trend). He noted that the safe operation of mobile cranes continues to be an area for improvement across industry.

While the number of Hazard 2020 audits reviewing scaffolding remains low, data suggests that accredited companies are struggling to ensure scaffolding and other temporary structures are erected and inspected in accordance with relevant legislation, codes of practice and drawings/plans. FSC Denney said, “We’re still seeing more than 1 in 3 companies not getting the basics right when it comes to scaffolding. That’s no different to what we’ve seen over the last three years and it’s too high”.

If you need more information on how to meet your safety requirements in relation to scaffolding, please refer to the Safe Work Australia guidance material on scaffolding. Safe Work Australia also provides useful guides and checklists on scaffold inspection and maintenance. You can also refer to the relevant Australian Standards for more advice:

  • AS 1576 (series): Scaffolding
  • AS 1577: Scaffold decking components
  • AS/NZS 4576: Guidelines for scaffolding.

Raw incident data from Scheme accredited companies is showing mobile plant related incidents occurring at more than four times the rate of scaffolding related incidents.

The Hazard 2020: October 2020 to March 2021 Update is available now on the Useful Documents and Downloads page.