Hazard 2020 – What’s the data showing?

Throughout the Hazard 2020 Safety Campaign, targeting scaffolding and mobile plant, the OFSC is closely tracking on-site incidents, hazard-specific audits and undertaking detailed corrective action analysis to better understand the key reasons for non-compliance with the WHS Accreditation Scheme audit criteria.

Each month, for the rest of the 12-month campaign, the OFSC will publish a data update, tracking the scaffolding and mobile plant related audit and incident data, with more dynamic and detailed reports being produced as trends develop.

“Our first set of results show scaffolding corrective action reports are significantly over represented in comparison to the trend from the previous three years of audits,” said Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney.  "We are watching this trend closely and will provide more information and data analytics as the number of Hazard 2020 audits looking at the scaffolding criteria continues to grow.”

The Commissioner encouraged all accredited companies to have regard to the Scaffolding in Construction Fact Sheet.

The Hazard 2020: October 2020 to January 2021 Update is available on the Useful Documents and Downloads page.