Help improve mental health in the construction industry

The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner is launching a month-long survey about mental health in the building and construction industry. All construction companies are encouraged to share their experiences, with the option for respondents to remain anonymous. We are hoping to hear about the programs and initiatives you have implemented to support and improve the mental health of workers in the industry.

The survey is open from Monday 8 November and closes on Friday 3 December. The OFSC will be collating responses from this survey to provide an overview of what is currently being done, where practices can be improved, and how the OFSC can further support the industry. The OFSC may use responses from companies to inform educative material such as case studies and webinars on successful approaches.

The survey will help the OFSC gain a better understanding of what practices for supporting mental wellbeing are currently implemented in workplaces and where the OFSC can provide additional support to companies. This information is vital for the OFSC to help drive improvements in mental health across the sector.

The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.