Lead Indictors lead Buildcorp to win FSC Safety Award

The OSFC congratulates Buildcorp for winning the Federal Safety Commissioner's National Excellence in Workplace Health and Safety Award at the Master Builders Australia 2021 National Excellence Awards held in Cairns on 30 April 2022. Buildcorp has been accredited under the WHS Accreditation Scheme for 14 years.

The award recognised Buildcorp’s Proactive Safety program. This program applies proactive safety measurements as a lead indicator (positive performance) to prevent construction safety incidents from happening. Online safety dashboards allow teams to see in real time where they stand on their proactive scores and proactive safety rating. Buildcorp managers use the dashboard to compare site performances to see where support is needed. The transparency motivates site teams to stay focused on maintaining proactive safety management as they see how they are performing against other projects.

Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney said, “Monitoring lead indicators is essential to detect problem areas before an LTI or MTI happens. I’m pleased to see one of our longstanding accredited companies successfully integrate these innovative practices to help ensure every worker goes home safely every day.”

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