The OFSC celebrates the Scheme’s 2500th project

The Australian Government’s Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme (the Scheme) recently reached the significant milestone of 2500 projects covered by the Scheme since its commencement in 2006. The Scheme has applied to over $162 billion worth of building and construction projects across Australia with 560 companies currently accredited, most of which are small or medium businesses.

CIMIC Group company CPB Contractors, first accredited in 2007, in a joint venture with ACCIONA is undertaking the 2500th Scheme project, delivering the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport airside civil and pavement works set to commence in 2022.

This civil construction project involves the design and construction of the 3.7km runway and rapid-exit taxiways for Sydney’s new airport, along with 40km of roads and the installation of 3000 aeronautical ground lights. It also includes 90km of power and fibre optic cabling to electrify the airport.

The aim of the Scheme is to make sure every worker goes home safely every day by assisting companies to improve their safety systems. Over the last 3 years, our annual census has found:

  • More than 90% of companies have reported achieving better safety performance after gaining accreditation;
  • More than 85% of companies considered Scheme accreditation represented value for money; and
  • Over 95% of companies said the Scheme had contributed to improving industry safety.

Further, between 2016 and 2020, accredited companies reduced their lost time injury frequency rate by an average of 18% and their medically treated injury frequency rate by an average of 30%. Scheme accredited companies have reported lower workers’ compensation premium rates over time with almost 60% of companies having reduced their premium rates by an average of 35% after 3 years of accreditation.

The OFSC looks forward to expanding Scheme accreditation and projects over 2022.

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