Opportunity for Small and Regional Unaccredited Builders to Have Their Say About the WHS Accreditation Scheme

09 November 2020

UPDATE: The closing date for the Federal Safety Commissioner Small and Regional Construction Company Survey has been extended to Friday 18 December 2020.

The Federal Safety Commissioner (FSC) is committed to a safer Australian building and construction industry. Small to medium sized construction companies, and regional construction companies are an important part of the FSC’s Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme (the Scheme), with 75% of Scheme accredited companies being classified as small or medium in size and 40% of OFSC audits being conducted in regional areas in the last three years.

To ensure that the Scheme remains the standard of safety to strive for in industry, and that it continues to be accessible to all interested building and construction companies (noting Scheme accreditation only applies to principal contractors), construction companies that identify as small and/or regionally based and that are not currently Scheme accredited, are being invited to help the OFSC gain a better understanding of their views of industry safety and Scheme accreditation by taking part in the Federal Safety Commissioner Small and Regional Construction Company Survey.

Acting Federal Safety Commissioner, Cassie Woods, has encouraged companies to get involved in the survey, indicating “I am eager to understand the awareness and views of the Scheme, including thoughts on the accessibility of the Scheme, of small and regional building and construction companies. The information provided by companies will assist the OFSC to ensure the Scheme continues to deliver safety benefits to participants and that companies seeking to obtain and maintain accreditation are able to do so in a way that is fit for their business.”

The survey opens today and will close on Friday 4 December 2020, with responses to the survey being anonymous. Questions about the survey can be directed to the OFSC assist line on 1800 652 500 or email fscreporting@dewr.gov.au.