Regional Builder Improves Safety with the Accreditation Scheme – Video Case Study

24 November 2020

Operating across Regional Victoria, Ballarat based Nicholson Construction first attained accreditation under the Australian Government WHS Accreditation Scheme in 2009. In over ten years of accreditation, company Director Richard Nicholson sees Scheme accreditation as “a badge of honour, showing your company is committed to WHS.”

Acting Federal Safety Commissioner Cassie Woods has said, “Nicholson Construction’s long-term Scheme accreditation is one of many great examples of regional builders working collaboratively with my office to improve their own safety systems and practices, and contribute to improved industry safety generally. Their example highlights the benefits of implementing a best practice work health and safety management system, including reduction in injury rates which are mirrored across accredited contractors generally. After 6 years of accreditation 67% of companies report lower Workers Compensation premiums and 67% report LTI frequency rates.”

To learn more about the accreditation experience of Nicholson Constructions, see the video case study.

Resources for companies applying for Scheme accreditation are available on the Federal Safety Commissioner website.

For additional information please email or call the FSC Assist Line on 1800 652 500.