Watch now: Case Study on CPB Contractors’ Mobile Elevated Work Platform Risk Management

Watch our new case study video highlighting the innovative safety practices of Scheme accredited builder CPB Contractors on secondary safety systems for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs).

The video shows the journey CPB Contractors have been on in managing the hazards presented by scissor-type MEWPs on-site since 2014.

“It’s important to see accredited builders commit to solving on-site issues that are introduced when using mobile plant, and finding ways to ensure all workers can go home safely each day,” said Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney.

For more information on the safe operation of MEWPs, Safe Work Australia have developed a comprehensive guide that covers responsibility, risk management, planning and preparation. Additionally, the Elevated Work Platform Association (EWPA) are a not-for-profit industry association that cover MEWP usage across the industry. The EWPA website provides comprehensive resources and has MEWP training services available.

More videos showcasing innovative safety practices by WHS Accreditation Scheme accredited companies are available on the OFSC website.

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