Watch now: Scheme accredited builder Ventia raises awareness with Mental Health Initiative

Watch our new case study video highlighting the innovative mental health initiative implemented by scheme accredited builder Ventia. The Healthy Minds program won the Best Mental Health Program award at the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) Foundation and GIO

Workers Compensation 2021 National Safety Awards of Excellence

The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) promotes best safety practice across Australia’s building and construction sites and, in doing so, recognises that the mental health and wellbeing of workers is just as important as their physical health and safety. Addressing psychosocial hazards is not only crucial for the health and safety of workers, it’s also good for business. When someone is experiencing poor mental health, this may contribute to workplace accidents, injuries and reduce productivity. Further information is available on the OFSC’s Mental Health page.

More videos showcasing innovative safety practices by companies accredited under the WHS Accreditation Scheme are available on the OFSC website.

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