WHS Accreditation Scheme Snapshot: Scaffolding Issues Continue and Scheme Nears Milestone

The Federal Safety Commissioner’s WHS Accreditation Scheme Snapshot presents up-to-date data analysis on a quarterly basis.

Since the Scheme began, 2,429 projects have been awarded to Scheme accredited builders, valued at over $162 billion.

Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney has said, “As the Scheme nears the impressive milestone of 2,500 Scheme projects, it’s important to reflect on the significant work that has gone into improving worker safety on those thousands of worksites.”

Temporary support structures continue to be the leading area in which accredited companies struggle to meet Scheme safety requirements. This reinforces the findings of the OFSC’s Hazard 2020 safety campaign which found declining levels of safety in relation to scaffolding. Commissioner Denney said that the OFSC has, and will continue to, release more guidance and support for companies to improve scaffolding safety. He added,

‘While the OFSC will do it all can to assist companies to meet their obligations under the Scheme, this is ultimately each company’s responsibility. Consistent with my calls to the CEOs of all accredited companies in July and September 2021, I again urge senior leaders to take a personal interest in reviewing their company’s scaffolding systems and implementation onsite.’

The Snapshot also highlighted the significant efforts of Australian builders and the OFSC over the past fifteen years in driving down both lost time injury frequency rates and fatalities. While great progress has been made, the mission to ensure that every building and construction worker goes home safely every day continues.

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