Hazard 2020 – Solid mobile plant improvements, but scaffolding concerns linger

Hazard 2020 safety campaign results to the end of June 2021 show continuing improvements in the safe operation of mobile plant. However, mobile cranes and scaffolding continue to show little improvement or declining levels of compliance with Scheme criteria.

“Now that we have completed over 200 audits as part of the Hazard 2020 Campaign, we’re seeing a sustained improvement in compliance with most mobile plant requirements with the exception of mobile cranes,” said FSC David Denney. “Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for scaffolding – particularly the requirement to ensure it is installed by a competent person and inspected prior to use. In these areas, there has been little improvement or declining compliance with Scheme requirements.”

While incident reporting in relation to scaffolding and mobile plant remains low (89 incidents), the seriousness of these incidents is of growing concern. To date, 37 per cent of the incidents reported to the OFSC related to scaffolding and mobile plant resulted in, or had the potential to result in, serious or life threatening injuries.

Commissioner Denney reminded companies that compliance with Scheme criteria and conditions of accreditation is a requirement for companies to maintain accreditation. He encouraged all companies to look closely at their scaffolding and mobile crane practices to ensure compliance and safety onsite.

Support to meet Scheme requirement is available on the OFSC’s website. There you will fine safety webinars, factsheet and checklist material and guidance on the key systems and processes needed to meet Scheme requirements.

The Hazard 2020: October 2020 to June 2021 Update is available now on the Useful Documents and Downloads page.