Hazard 2020 Webinar – Scaffolding Tampering and Managing Principles

On Thursday 29 April 2021 the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) held the second of the Hazard 2020 webinar series, with a focus this month on Scaffolding Risk Management. The Hazard 2020 webinar series aims to educate WHS professionals in the construction industry through shared learnings and open discussion in a collaborative forum.

This second webinar was hosted by Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney, with over 230 attendees from companies, regulators, and industry associations.

Scaffolding Risk Management (14 mins)

Probuild is a national construction company accredited under the Scheme. Probuild HSE Manager, Josephine Taylor presented the company’s experience and learnings with the risks involved in scaffolding. Josephine was also joined by Luke Andonopoulos from ScaffShield to discuss methods to protect against scaffold tampering.

Scaffolding and the Scheme (10 mins)

Federal Safety Officer Ralph Willson spoke about scaffolding hazards in relation to the OFSC Accreditation Scheme audit criteria. Ralph discussed scaffolding management principals and highlighted areas where companies can better meet the requirements.

Q&A Session (13 mins)

Throughout the webinar, attendees were encouraged to submit questions on the subjects being presented. To close the session, Federal Safety Commissioner David Denney moderated a question and answer session which addressed a significant portion of the questions asked. Answers for questions that were unable to be addressed due to time constraints will be published to this website in the near future.

Hazard 2020 Webinar Series

Hazard 2020 is a 12-month campaign, launched in October 2020 and led by the OFSC that targets two high risk hazards in construction: scaffolding and mobile plant. The OFSC is putting a spotlight on these risks, through tracking incident reporting and assessing hazard criteria at audits, to better understand why these hazards account for a high percentage of Corrective Action Reports (CARs) issued by Federal Safety Officers (FSOs). Data on Hazard 2020 can be found in the monthly data report which tracks Hazard 2020 incident reporting, auditing and CARs.

Over 250 construction industry professionals attended the first Federal Safety Commissioner Hazard 2020 Campaign online educative forum on Thursday 18 February, focussed on secondary safety systems for Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs). With feature presentations by Graeme Silvester and Nathan Kiepe of CPB Contractors, Andrew Delahunt of the EWPA and Federal Safety Officer Brett Jones, as well as a concluding Q&A session, this first in a series of webinars planned during the Hazard 2020 campaign was resoundingly well received.


Please send any feedback on the above videos and subject matter to ofsc@dewr.gov.au with a subject heading of “Hazard 2020 Online Forum.”

The next Hazard 2020 online forum will be held in June 2021.